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The following Deployment Options represent several possible scenarios from "do-it-yourself" to turnkey deployment. See the Pricing page for more information on the cost of deployment.

Do-It-Yourself Support

A CLG or local government with an existing infrastructure, bandwidth, server and licenses can install the application using the help files and experienced in-house staff – assuming they have someone with enough expertise to install and configure a web server and Coldfusion.  In-house staff would also need to migrate the data. Installation and data migration scripts are included in the install files. This site along with the forums and online help files will give you enough information to get going.


Turn Key Installation

If a CLG/local government with an existing infrastructure, bandwidth, server and licenses can make use of CF Webtools “turnkey installation” service.  Provide CFWT with access to the server and they do the rest. When they are finished the CLG has a fully functional application with the existing Database migrated into the new schema. They are then required to maintain the server and they are responsible for upgrades, patches and the like.

Appliance Leasing

In this scenario CF Webtools ships a fully licensed “plug-n-play” server to the CLG. The CLG installs it into the datacenter, adds an IP address and a DNS mapping and can begin using the application instantly. CF Webtools owns the server and is responsible for (free) upgrades, maintenance patching and maintaining it’s general readiness through the use of remote services. The CLG is responsible for backup, security and networking. As an example, the  “appliance” approach is used by Google (http://www.google.com/enterprise/) to sell their popular search appliance. Obviously you would have full access to the appliance as apposed to proprietary access only. Another vendor using the “appliance” approach is barracuda networks (http://www.barracudanetworks.ca/products/pricing.htm) with their popular spam and spyware firewalls.

Dedicated Hosting

A final approach would be for the CLG to simply host the site with CF Webtools. We would install the site, maintain and upgrade it, provide backup and security, and manage support issues as they arise. Hosting would be “tiered” based on 2 main factors – users and resources – and the price would be set accordingly. Using this approach a CLG with limited resources could be up and running very quickly and not have to spend money on hardware or software licenses.

Custom Deployment

Perhaps your situation doesn't "fit" any of these scenarios.  CF Webtools will be glad to do a “case by case” estimate to assess the needs of a CLG and try to provide the most effective solution to boost productivity and minimize cost.

Contact support@chridnet.com or Call 402 408 3733.