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California Historical Resources Database (CHRID)


Online Help System

CF Webtools developed the California Historical Resources Inventory Database (CHRID) custom software application through the direction of OHP and the Cities of Ontario and Sacramento.  CF Webtools provides limited support at no cost as a service to the State of California through a support site - CHRID Net provides several options for users or potential users including:


A forum for user self-help CF Webtools will participate in the forum, but it will function as a community. Folks using the application in ways we did not anticipate will be able to get help from other users. These “forum threads” serve as a long running documentation of application usage that can be invaluable as time passes.
A Bug Track The term “bug track” simply means a place for users to inform CF Webtools developers about bugs in the program. CF Webtools will investigate the bugs and determine if a resolution is possible.  As long as CF Webtools is involved in the ongoing development or maintenance of the application we will gladly fix bugs that are identified. A bug track gives us a place to document the process of determining if something logged is indeed a bug (its often a complaint or feature request) and documenting the resolution.
A Wish List This is just what it says a place for folks to say “I wish it did this….” It can be a helpful tool when building an RFP or deciding on what to include in a next version.
A Developers Blog - CHRID Developers add insight, upgrade hints and tips to a joint blog.
Software Downloads The support site will be the primary location for downloading the current version of software and any fixes or patches we develop.
Updated Help Files As new information arises we will do our best to keep the help manual up to date as long as we are involved. The online version will always contain the latest version of help.


CF Webtools also provides deployment options for hosting, turnkey installation and appliance based use of the application. Click here for a deployment options.


For information on Technical Support, Installation Support, or questions about Deployment contact CF Webtools or call 402 408 3733.